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Chicago Humanities Festival  Stages, Sights & Sounds International Children’s Theater Festival

Presenting fresh, original performances from around the world with 48 performances. You can see performers from faraway countries and also discover Chicago gems. You can find inspiration in stories classic and new told through puppetry, theater, words, and pictures.


Chicago Humanities Festival  Video Programs & Podcasts (iTunes & Stitcher)

“Serious. Smart. Culture.” Make the humanities a vital and vibrant part of your daily life year-round with CHF multimedia. 

CHF podcast subscription on Stitcher Radio and iTunes Jenette Kahn, former publisher of DC Comics, spoke at the 2013 Chicago Humanities Festival. Watch the full program

“Norwegian Wood” by The Beatles, performed by Anthony Molinaro in the style of Bach at the 2013 Chicago Humanities Festival. Watch the full concert  


Life After Innocence Project  Loyola University Chicago, School of Law

Life After Innocence advocates for innocent people adversely affected by the criminal justice system, helping them reenter society and enabling them to reclaim their rights as citizens, through individualized legal and support services and wider-reaching public policy initiatives


Art Therapy Connection Chicago                                                                                                                 A non-profit organization that provides art therapy for inner-city youth who have been identified as at-risk socially, emotionally & academically

copy: “Make The Connection. Paint A Brighter Future”

digital production class assignment – promotional concept sketch